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Payment and Transfer of Ownership -

Email and Sub-domains

If you just want an email address or a sub-domain at contact us to make arrangements. We would be happy to arrange something.

Domain Name Sales Leases and Lease Purchases

We also offer payment plans, leases and lease purchases.

Once you purchase, the domain name is yours, and you will have only the nominal yearly registration renewal fee, which currently is from $8 to $35/year.

Also please note there may be a transfer fee depending on the registrars involved, of anywhere from $15 to $35 (not ours).

Payment And Transfer Of Ownership

You may pay by credit card, PayPal, check, money order, or you are free to suggest some other means.

If you would like to use an escrow service, there is a small fee (not ours).

When full payment is made, we transfer to you. For payment plans and leases, we manage the DNS and point to your server.



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